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                                                          您現在的位置是:首頁 > 通知公告 > 正文


                                                          發佈者:歷史學院 發佈時間:2019-03-18 05:10:00 閱讀量:
                                                               中國人民大學生態史研究中心“自然與文化”系列講座第二十九講將於2019年3月22日下午15:00-17:00在中國人民大學人文樓三樓會議室舉行aaa,題爲“我們如何改變世界aaaa?跨社會可持續性轉變之可能“aaaa,主講人爲瑞典林雪平大學氣候科學與政策研究中心環境變化問題教授Björn-Ola Linnéraaa。歡迎參與aaaaa。


                                                          How do we change the world?
                                                          Making sense of sustainability transformations across societies.

                                                          The concept of transformation is increasingly employed in science and policy debates. The surge in appeals for societal transformations to sustainability is reflected in United Nations 2030 Agenda’s tag line “transforming our world” and the recent IPCC 1.5°C report. Transformative change in societies across the world is needed to address the enormous societal challenges of rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and safeguarding the environment while increasing energy access, eradicating poverty and securing food and health for all. Nonetheless, in science and policy debates, decisive questions of what is to be transformed, by whom, and to what extent transformation can be governed tend to remain largely unarticulated and unclear. Upon scrutiny, the expectations concerning transformation vary significantly within and across societies. Drawing on a book soon to be published by Cambridge University Press, the talk will discuss transformation is made sense of in international politics, in countries contribution to the Paris agreement and the 2030 agenda, as well as among lay people in Cabo Verde, China, Fiji, USA, and Sweden, as well as historical examples. It will present what type of change is foreseen by different calls for societal transformations, how it may be governed, and what can be drivers of deliberate transformations.


                                                          Picture from forthcoming book in 2019: Linnér, B-O. and Wibeck, V. Sustainability Transformations across Societies: Drivers and Agents of Social Change. Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press, if you would like to use it.
                                                           Björn-Ola Linnér是瑞典林雪平大學氣候科學與政策研究中心的環境變化問題教授aaaaa。同時aaa,他也是斯德哥爾摩環境研究所合作研究員、牛津大學科學創新與社會研究所合作研究員、米斯特拉地緣政治項目負責人aaaaa,以及瑞典斯德哥爾摩環境保護機構研究理事會的成員aaa。