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                                                          David Pickus

                                                          發佈者:澳门皇冠 發佈時間:2013-10-01 15:17:00 閱讀量:


                                                          School of History

                                                           History Department

                                                          Teaching and Research Section of World History

                                                          Office Address: Room704, RenWen Building , RenMin University, 59 Zhongguancun Street, Beijing 100872, P.R.C.

                                                          Day time phone: 86-10-82502722

                                                          Current Position: Associate Professor of History, People's University, Beijing, China



                                                          Post-Doc., Center for Advanced Studies, University of Leipzig, Research Grant, summer, 1996

                                                          Ph.D. in History, University of Chicago, 1995

                                                          Dissertation: (Defended with Distinction): “Dying with an Enlightening Fall: Poland in the Eyes of German Intellectuals, 1764-1800”

                                                          Committee: Michael Geyer (advisor), John Boyer, Ronald Inden, Katie Trumpener


                                                          M.A. in History, University of Chicago, 1989

                                                          Thesis: “Hegel and India: A Study in Absolute Subjectivity”


                                                          B.A. in History, Lawrence University, Appleton, WI, 1987

                                                          Graduated Cum Laude



                                                          REFEREED PUBLICATIONS:



                                                          Dying with an Enlightening Fall: Poland in the Eyes of German Intellectuals, 1764-1800, Lexington Books/Rowman and Littlefield (2000)



                                                          “The Relevance of Walter Kaufmann’s Heidegger Critique for the 21st-Century,” Studia Philosophiae Christianae, Warsaw (forthcoming)


                                                          “Why Teach Archeology Students the Idea of Progress,” forthcoming, Paradigma: Journal of Social Issues, Politics and Policy, University of Indonesia (forthcoming).


                                                          “The You that Wasn’t Enough: Walter Kaufmann and Martin Buber,” Shofar: an Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies, (Summer, 2011), 98-123.


                                                          “Paperback Authenticity: Walter Kaufmann and Existentialism,” Philosophy and Literature, (Winter 2010), Vol. 34, 17-31.


                                                          “Philo-Semitism in Serbia 1940 and After,” Sociologija (Belgrade), Oct-Dec 2008, 433-448.


                                                          “At Home and at War with Germany: Walter Kaufmann’s American Nietzsche,” in The Fruits of Exile: Central European Intellectual Immigration to America, eds. Richard Bodek and Simon Lewis, University of South Carolina Press (2009), 156-76.


                                                          “Did Somebody Evade Totalitarianism? On the Intellectual Escapism of Slavoj Žižek” in Humanitas, Vol XXI, 1&2, 146-67. First published as

                                                          “Da li je neko izvrdao totalitarizam? O eskapističkom učenju Slavoja Žižekain Zenit: Magazin za Književnost, Umetnost I Filosofiju (Zenith: Magazine for Literature, Art and Philosophy), translated into Serbian by Aleksandar Bošković with assistance of the author (May 2008), 70-82.


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                                                          “The Walter Kaufmann Myth: A Study in Academic Public Opinion” Nietzsche-Studien, Berlin: Walter De Gruyter, (2003) Vol. 32, 226-58.


                                                          “Overeducated and Underemployed: On Learned Women, Hegel and Beautiful Souls Circa 1805” in Genie-Satire und Frauenerziehung. Zwei Studien und zwei literarische Dokumente, (March 2003) ed. Phillip McKnight, Wehrhahn, Hannover, 7-36.


                                                          “To Discover A Mind: Walter Kaufmann’s Celebration of Goethe, Critique of Kant

                                                          and Evisceration of Heidegger” (Summer-Fall, 1999) South-Central Review, Vol.16, 68-90.


                                                          “When the World was Half a Thousand Years Younger: Contrast

                                                          and Color in Huizinga’s Autumn of the Middle Ages” (Winter 1998)

                                                          Fifteenth-Century Studies, vol. 25, 127-36.


                                                          “Georg Forster and Therese Huber: An Enlightened Dysfunctional Marriage” Selected Papers of the Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, 1750-1850 (1998).


                                                          “Might, Right and Poland: The 'Other' Revolutionary Challenge”

                                                          Selected Papers of the Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, 1750-1850 (1995).


                                                          OTHER WRITING:

                                                          Regular contributor to the online Vietnamese journals of news and ideas, Vietnamnet and the magazine, Tia Sáng (The Light)


                                                          Conference Papers and Invited Lectures (1997-2010):


                                                          December 2012 “Entrepreneurship and Critical Thinking,” invited talk, Sampoerna School of Education, Jakarta


                                                          November 2012 “Roots of Critical Thinking in German Philosophy,” invited talk, Marmara University, Istanbul


                                                          June 2012 “Polemical and non-Polemical Incommensurability in the Study of Genocide,” conference talk, Incommensurability 50, National Taiwan University, Taipei


                                                          March 2012 “Globalization in East Asia and what it means for Bolivia,” invited talk, Universidad Católica Boliviana, Santa Cruz


                                                          January 2012 “Preparing for Globalization,” invited talk, Universitas Muslim Indonesia, Makasar, Indonesia


                                                          July 2011: “Understanding Jewish Civilization,” invited talk, Shandong University, Jinan, China


                                                          March 2011: “Globalization and Critical Thinking,” invited talk National University of Malang, Indonesia


                                                          November 2010 “Goethe, Marx and the Asian Economic Miracle,” invited talk, Center for Policy and Analysis, Hanoi, Vietnam


                                                          August 2010 “Philo-Semitism, Secularism and Modernity,” International Conference on Globalization and Cultural Pluralism, Nanjing, China


                                                          June 2010: “Karl Marx and Asia,” invited talk for Dialogues on the Left, National University of Vietnam, Hanoi


                                                          June 2010 “On European Views of China,” invited talk, Department of History, People’s University, Beijing, China


                                                          March 2010 “Obama’s Dilemma in Afghanistan” and “Optimism in American Life,” Invited Talks, Center for the Study of the USA, Faculty of Political Science, Belgrade, Serbia


                                                          Nov 2009 “Jews in American Literature,” Invited Talk, Department of English, Guangdong Technical University, Guangzhou, China


                                                          Nov 2009 “US College Students in China: A Romance?” Invited Talk, Department of Sociology, Hong Kong University


                                                          May 2009 “The Origins of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” Invited Talk, Dept. of History, People’s University, Beijing, China


                                                          March 2009 “Murder, Numbness and Memory in Serbia,” American Comparative Literature Association, Harvard, MA


                                                          Oct. 2008 “Shapes of Serbian Philo-Semitism,” Midwest Jewish Studies Conference, Chicago


                                                          May 2008 “Totalitarianism as German-Jewish Concept,” Invited Talk Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade, Serbia


                                                          April 2008 “US Foreign Policy and American Self-Perception,” Invited Talk, Department of History, University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria


                                                          Feb 2008 “Shapes of Serbian Philo-Semitism,” Invited Talk, Department of Political Geography, University of Pećs, Pećs, Hungary


                                                          Nov 2007 “Philo-Semitism and Serbian Nationalism,” Invited Talk New Bulgarian University, Sofia, BG


                                                          April 2007 “Not Another Other: Rethinking the German Image of Poland,” Polish-German Post/Memory: Aesthetics, Ethics, Politics, Indiana University


                                                          March 2007 “German-Jewish Intellectuals and the Idea of Totalitarianism,” Invited Talk, Department of History, Augustana College, Rock Island, IL


                                                          March 2006 “Walter Kaufmann and the Future of the Humanities,” American Comparative Literature Association, Princeton, NJ


                                                          Sept. 2005 “From Leo Baeck to Walter Kaufmann: Courage and the Jewish Critique of Christianity,” Seventeenth Conference of Midwest Jewish Studies, Madison, WI


                                                          Feb. 2005 “Christianity in German-Jewish Eyes,” Invited Talk, Department of Religion, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ


                                                          Nov. 2004 “Walter Kaufmann as an Intellectual Émigré,” Fruits of Exile Conference, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC


                                                          April 2004 “Walter Kaufmann’s Critique of Christianity,” Invited Talk, Department of History, University of Arizona


                                                          March 2004 “Hannah Arendt, Violence and the David Story,” Western Jewish Studies Conference, San Diego, CA


                                                          Oct. 2003 “Existentialism’s Critical Enthusiast,” Invited Workshop Presentation, University of Virginia


                                                          Oct. 2003 “Nietzsche for the 21st-Century,” Invited Talk, James Madison University


                                                          April 2003 “Telling a Story: Walter Kaufmann and the Reception of Existentialism in America,” Invited Workshop Presentation, University of Chicago


                                                          March 2003 “Walter Kaufmann and Martin Buber: an Unexplored Dynamic,” Western Jewish Studies Conference, Eugene, OR


                                                          Oct. 1999 “The Ends of Impudence: J.C.F. Schubart and the Limits of Anti-Authoritarian Speech,” German Studies Association Conference, Atlanta, GA


                                                          April 1999 “The Learned Woman who Forgot her Sex: Thinking Women in Germany Circa 1805,” Southwest Social Sciences Conference, San Antonio, TX


                                                          Oct. 1998 “Hard Lives of the Mind: On Writing Biographies of 18th Century Intellectuals,” The 23rd Colloquium on Literature and Film, Representing Identities: Biography and Autobiography, Morgantown, WV

                                                          April 1998 “The Higher Groveling: Lessing on Friendship and Money,” American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, South Bend, IN


                                                          March 1998 “Georg Forster and Therese Huber: An Enlightened Dysfunctional Marriage,” The Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, Tallahassee, FL


                                                          April 1997 “Perfect Selflessness is Perfect Selfishness: Madame Guyon and the Unlikely Origins of Introspection in Enlightenment Germany,” The International Conference on Narrative, Gainesville, FL


                                                          TEACHING EXPERIENCE:


                                                          People's University, 2013 - present

                                                          Associate Professor


                                                          The Western Intellectual Tradition: Antiquity to the Enlightenment

                                                          Arizona State University, 1999 – 2013

                                                          Honors Faculty Fellow


                                                          The Human Event I & II: Interdisciplinary Humanities Seminar The Modern Middle East: Conflicting Perspectives Power and Powerlessness in Modern Jewish History Jewish Life and Culture in East-Central Europe Jews and Germans: Reflections in a Broken Mirror Freedom and its Opposite in Modern German History Liberty: The French Idea of Freedom Memory and Identity in the Modern Mediterranean Graduate Tutorial in 18th-century German Intellectual History China and the West: 1620 to the Present Indonesia and the West: From Colonization to the Present What is a Grown Up? The Asian Economic Miracle

                                                          People’s University, Beijing

                                                          Summer Session, 2011



                                                          The History of Germany: 1800 to the Present

                                                          James Madison University

                                                          Assistant Professor, 1996-1999


                                                          Image Community and Terror: German Culture in a Generation of War, 1914-45 Freedom and Self-Deception I & II: An Interpretation of European Intellectual History, 1750-1970 The Enlightenment and its Others World Civilization I: to 1650; World Civilization II: Since 1650

                                                          University of Chicago

                                                          Von Holst Graduate Lecturer, 1995:

                                                          Order, Truth and Freedom: German Intellectual History in the 18th Century


                                                          FELLOWSHIPS AND HONORS (1992-2009):


                                                          2007-08 Fulbright Scholar in Belgrade, Serbia; nine-month research project on Serbian philo-Semitism and teaching US history at the University of Belgrade


                                                          Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching: Barrett, The Honors College at ASU, 2006-2007


                                                          Participant 2006-2007 Ford Foundation Workshop on “Difficult Dialogues,” or teaching controversial topics in religion and politics to undergraduates


                                                          Participant 2005 NEH Summer Seminar “Terror and Culture: Revisiting Hannah Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism” Stanford University, Russell Berman, Director


                                                          Drescher Faculty Development Grant Recipient, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008. Awarded at the Barrett Honors College, Arizona State University for research into the life and work of Walter Kaufmann, and for Serbian/Croatian language study


                                                          Drescher Faculty Development Grant Recipient, 2000-2001

                                                          Awarded at the Barrett Honors College, Arizona State University for intensive summer Italian language study at Dilit Institute, Rome, and Hebrew University, Jerusalem


                                                          “Favorite Teacher” Recognition at Arizona State University, 2000-01

                                                          Awarded by Manzanita Student Residents


                                                          Uriel Weinreich Yiddish Language Program Scholarship Recipient, 1998

                                                          YIVO Institute for Jewish Research,


                                                          Honorary Member for Outstanding Teaching, 1997, Golden Key National Honor Society


                                                          Von Holst Prize Lectureship awarded for self-designed course, “Order, Truth and Freedom, “at the University of Chicago, 1994


                                                          German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) dissertation research grant, Berlin, October 1992-October 1993, extended to January 1994


                                                          Summer Study Abroad:


                                                          Indonesia, Director, 2011

                                                          China, Co-Director, ASU Five-Week Study Tour, 2007-2010

                                                          Serbia Entrepreneurial Exchange, Director, 2009

                                                          Athens, Rome, Dubrovnik, Director and Faculty, ASU Honors Program 2002-03-05

                                                          Romania and central Europe, ASU Program, co-director 2004

                                                          Athens, Rome, Tunis, Faculty, ASU Honors Program, 2001

                                                          Paris 2000, Faculty, ASU Honors Program, 2000



                                                          German: near fluent reading and highly proficient speaking knowledge

                                                          Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian: good to very good reading and speaking knowledge

                                                          Hebrew: good reading and speaking knowledge

                                                          Yiddish: good reading knowledge

                                                          Indonesian: intermediate knowledge

                                                          Italian: reading knowledge

                                                          French: reading knowledge

                                                          Vietnamese: beginning level

                                                          Chinese (Mandarin): beginning level


                                                          Consultant and participant, A History of God, TV documentary based on the Karen Armstrong book, A & E Television Network, Inflo-media, Chicago, IL